Interia Group becomes Media Partner

Interia Group will be supporting AgileByExample again this year as Media Partner.

Interia Group is a part of international media company – Bauer Media Group. Bauer Group is the biggest polish publisher and Interia Group is one of the most popular polish website.

Interia Group is a part of market in new technology with unique knowledge of Internet technologies. Interia Group offers horizontal portal Interia with thematic websites (sport, news, business, estates, woman, man) and other special websites, like: (website offers concepts on interior decoration), (website for models and photographers) or (luxury vortal for women).

Interia Group is a leader on polish online advertising market. The company offers innovative solutions for marketers and other competitors of polish business. Interia Group offers lots of technologies for business, based on some solution which are used  every day in websites of Interia.

Governica becomes Media Partner

We are happy to announce that Governica became our Media Partner.

Governica Foundation is non-governmental and non-profit organization that supports economic development and entrepreneurship and promotes innovativeness through the dissemination of management standards, which include world’s best practices, norms and management models.

One of Foundation’s major projects is – a social networking service that is being built with a purpose of sharing the knowledge and the experience, discussions as well as creating and maintaining relations among people, who deal with management, both theoretically and practically.

One of Fundation’s goals is to incubate innovative ventures and to support innovative businesses. They support ventures that promote the achievements of innovativeness, entrepreneurship, effectiveness, safety of information and quality of products and services.

Keynote speakers

Mary Poppendieck


Mary Poppendieck started her career as a process control programmer, moved on to manage the IT department of a manufacturing plant, and then ended up in product development, where she was both a product champion and department manager...

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Bob Marshall


Bob Marshall has dedicated his career to helping businesses dramatically improve the effectiveness of their software development and design engineering efforts...

He is the co-founder of the Rightshifting movement, and the creator of the Marshall Model (Dreyfus for the organisation)...

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David Hussman


David teaches and coaches product discovery through iterative delivery. He has spent the last 10 years coaching agility and producing products for companies of all sizes around the world. For each engagement, David’s coaching is non-dogmatic, well-grounded, challenging and pragmatic...

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Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers is open. Like last year we use to facilitate submissions and reviews. You will find submission forms here.

We are looking for speakers to deliver 15-20 minute long talks focused on one particular practice or technique.

We are also looking for trainers to deliver a workshop during Lean Agile Dojo. Workshops should be for 15-30 people and last 3 – 3.5 h.

You can submit both a talk and a workshop and are more than welcome to create multiple submissions.

Call for Speakers will be closed on 31.08.2014. Initial speaker lineup will be created mid September and final speaker invitations will be sent by the end of September.

Practice your agility during ABE Lean Agile Dojo Day

It’s official! Thanks to extremely positive feedback after ABE13 LeanAgile Dojo will be organized again on the third day of the conference. It will be filled with workshops to actually practice agile skills. Learn by doing, meet great agile senseis and step out of your comfort zone.

The Dojo will be organized as a multitrack workshop day with two 3-4 hour long sessions – morning and afternoon. Every participant will be able to choose the sessions to take basing on the room size.

The Dojo day tickets are limited by training rooms. We are still confirming the venue, however you can expect only around 150 tickets for dojo. First come, first served so don’t hesitate to buy your ticket.


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